Why Hands Free Masturbation Feels So Good!

The Autoblow machine requires only to be kept upright

The Autoblow machine requires only to be kept upright

Hands free masturbation needs either some ingenuity or a good automatic masturbation machine (such as the Autoblow).  Probably most guys still aren’t aware of how good hands free masturbation is.  Others, like myself and most of you readers, know that once you go hands free, you NEVER want to go back to the old fashioned knuckle shuffle.

But just why does hands free masturbation feel so good?

I believe the answer can be found in basic psychology.  Simply put, hands free masturbation feels more like the real thing.  When you are tugging away at your own dick, you cannot avoid being aware that it is YOURSELF who is doing the pleasuring.  Penises may have a reputation for stupidity, but they are not that daft.  When they have their owner’s own hand wrapped around them, they are not so daft as to really be able to imagine that it is some tight pussy or a hot chick giving a handjob.

Only hands free masturbation can create the perfect illusion that it is somebody else giving you sexual pleasure.  Have the Autoblow sucking away at your cock, close your eyes, and it really could be your fantasy girl that is going down on you.

Another good way to enjoy hands free masturbation and to really create the illusion of being sucked or masturbated by somebody else, is to watch some good quality POV porn at the same time.  POV means that the porn is filmed from the point-of-view of the guy being sucked or fucked.  My favourite masturbation experience is to have the Autoblow blast or the Tenga Flip Hole blowing me while I watch some hot bitch sucking a dick whilst looking at me right out of the screen.  At its best, hands free masturbation IS virtual sex.

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Apollo Hydro Power Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator with Suction Cup

apollo-hydro-powerApollo Hydro Power ($79)
Experience 100% hands free masturbation joy with this incredibly innovative male masturbator that includes a powerful suction cup for you to attach it on any flat surface. The Apollo Hydro Power Stroker features no less than 30 vibrating functions and a plethora of jelly stimulators, making it arguably the most sophisticated sex toy for men in the world.

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Hands Free Blowjob Machine

Are you looking for an authentic hands free masturbation experience? Do you want a male sex toy that delivers a fully automatic blowjob, that replicates the real thing in all its delicious sensations, at the touch of a button?

We have what you are looking for – the Autoblow Version 2 – the most advanced hands free blowjob machine in the world!

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Spider Hands Free Male Masturbator

spiderSpider Male Masturbator ($129)

The ‘Spider’ is a realistic male masturbator that comes with a powerful suction cup allowing you to stick it to just about any flat surface and enjoy real hands free masturbation.

The masturabtor is made of a Fleshlight style insert that feels really soft and pleasing.  The suction cup should stick to any flat surface and allow you to slide in and out without any need to hold the masturbator in place.  A great hands free masturbation toy for men!

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Je Joue Mio Vibrating Cock Ring

je-joueJe Joue Mio Cock Ring ($99)

Cock rings are a great way to experience hands free masturbation.  Normally intended as an aid to lovemaking, or sometimes solo masturbation, cock rings can in fact be the centerpiece of hands free masturbation.  But for this to work, you need both a cock ring that vibrates, and a cock ring that is high quality.  The Je Joue Mio cock ring is both of these things, in fact possibly the best vibrating cock ring out there.

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Full Stroke Hands Free Masturbator

full-strokeFull Stroke Masturbator ($476)

The amazing Full Stroke hands free masturbator might just be the most incredible sex toy for men in the world.  A powerful and sophisticated blowjob machine that you strap around your waist and let it suck your penis at over 100 strokes a minute!  Truly no other masturbator can compare to this, and no woman can compare to this if we’re honest either!  Contains a super soft luxury ribbed and noduled masturbation sleeve that slides up and down your penis.

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Hand Solo Masturbator

hand solo masturbatorHand Solo Masturbator ($31)

Simulate the sensation of enjoying a handjob from the girl of your dreams with this unique handjob masturbator.

The Hand Solo masturbator is like a glove that masturbates you as you slide it up and down.

It really doesn’t feel like you are masturbating yourself but rather that somebody else is giving you a handjob!

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Fake Pussy & Ass for Hands Free Experience

pile driver pussy assPile Driver Pussy & Ass ($312)

Another way of achieving the hands free, authentic ‘virtual sex’ masturbation experience is to splash out on a realistic sex doll.  With premium sex dolls costing anywhere between $2-5,000, a cheaper way of achieving the same hands free effect is to purchase a realistic fake pussy & ass toy.  These are becoming more and more popular it seems, and the reason is that they allow you to feel as though you are pounding a real pussy with your balls slapping against real ass cheeks – no hands required!

Made from realistic Cyberskin, the Audrey Hollander Pussy & Ass Pile Driver is one of the best of such toys, and allows you to fuck the best bits of the famous pornstar – in the pile driver position!

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How to Enjoy Hands Free Masturbation with Any Male Sex Toy

Enjoying hands free masturbation with any simple male stroker toy is not that difficult. All you have to do is find a way to stabilize the toy whilst pumping it. These are my favourite ways to do this.

Place the masturbator on top of a pillow, and then simply tie it in place with a string or a belt. If the belt is too big then use two or three pillows, or a pillow and a cushion etc.

If you haven’t got anything to tie the sex toy to the pillow or cushion, you can simply try sandwiching it between two cushions, which should keep it in place more or less, perhaps requiring the odd re-adjustment during your masturbation session.

I’ve found that this works well with most masturbation sleeves, including the Fleshlight and also cheaper pocket masturbators such as the Sue Johanson Head Honcho.

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Hands Free Masturbation with the Cobra Libre

Cobra Libre Hands FreeThe Cobra Libre isn’t strictly a hands free masturbation toy, but it can be used in that way to great effect.  It also enables what we enjoy most about hands free masturbation in that, unlike with a Fleshlight or other pocket pussy, you can more or less lie back and it does all the work for you.

The Cobra is a male vibrator, one of the very first of that genre to go on the market, and already proving a massive hit.  In fact, it’s proving so popular that most stockists sell out pretty quick.  At the time of writing SexToyFun have it in stock for $139.

You basically slide your penis into the device and then just feel the vibrations run through the sensitive tip all the way down the shaft.  It’s extremely intense, and you can end up having a really long and luxurious masturbation session with this thing.  You’re supposed to alter the sensation you’re feeling by manipulating and pressing the sleeve with your fingers.  Believe me, this is a lot of fun.  But you can also use the Cobra as a completely hands free masturbation device by lying on top of it with your penis in it.  If you do this, it feels less like masturbating and more like lying in a very sexy bath tub with a permanent massive hard on! It’s really possible to just lie and enjoy this exquisate sensation for hours!

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Penis Pumps as Hands Free Masturbation Devices

Penis Pumps – devices that are primarily marketed as aids to achieving longer and harder erections – also make excellent hands free masturbation toys.

Most penis pumps these days consist of pleasurable Fleshlight style masturbation sleeves.  In combination with the vacuum effect (which actually makes the penis quickly erect and harder than normal), an extremely intense sexual pleasure is felt.  In fact, many people now buy penis pumps as pure masturbation toys rather than as sexual aids.

The only drawback with penis pumps is that you still have to use a hand to pump the device.  Nevertheless, you don’t have to touch your cock so it does feel akin to having your penis massaged or blown, or rather something unique and between the two.

Click to read some Penis Pump Reviews.

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