Hands Free Masturbation with the Cobra Libre

Cobra Libre Hands FreeThe Cobra Libre isn’t strictly a hands free masturbation toy, but it can be used in that way to great effect.  It also enables what we enjoy most about hands free masturbation in that, unlike with a Fleshlight or other pocket pussy, you can more or less lie back and it does all the work for you.

The Cobra is a male vibrator, one of the very first of that genre to go on the market, and already proving a massive hit.  In fact, it’s proving so popular that most stockists sell out pretty quick.  At the time of writing SexToyFun have it in stock for $139.

You basically slide your penis into the device and then just feel the vibrations run through the sensitive tip all the way down the shaft.  It’s extremely intense, and you can end up having a really long and luxurious masturbation session with this thing.  You’re supposed to alter the sensation you’re feeling by manipulating and pressing the sleeve with your fingers.  Believe me, this is a lot of fun.  But you can also use the Cobra as a completely hands free masturbation device by lying on top of it with your penis in it.  If you do this, it feels less like masturbating and more like lying in a very sexy bath tub with a permanent massive hard on! It’s really possible to just lie and enjoy this exquisate sensation for hours!

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