Hands Free Masturbation Devices

With advances in sex toy technology, more and more hands free masturbation machines and sex toys are coming onto the market.  Autostrokers and blowjob machines allow you to sit back and have your cock pumped without you having to do any work at all.  Masturbating with your hands is fine, but you are always aware that you are masturbating.  Hands free masturbation devices create the illusion that a sex act is being performed upon your dick.  Not to mention that your hands are free for the DVD remote control..

The Best Hands Free Masturbation Devices

The Autoblow Robotic Blowjob

The Autoblow is another hands free fully automated masturbation device that has been designed to replicate the sensation and feel of a blowjob.  Experience the pleasure of having your cock sucked whenever you want with this safe and easy to clean robotic blowjob machine. 

Click to view the Autoblow Robotic Blowjob Machine

The Autoblow Sucks Best

The Autoblow Sucks Best

The Mastomatic

The Mastomatic or ‘Lazy Masturbator’ is a fully automatic hands free masturbation device that does all the work for you. Just close your eyes and it really feels like a hot girl is sliding her tight wet pussy up and down your pole.

Click to view the Mastomatic

Mastomatic Hands Free Masturbation Device

Mastomatic Hands Free Masturbation Device

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