Why Hands Free Masturbation Feels So Good!

The Autoblow machine requires only to be kept upright

The Autoblow machine requires only to be kept upright

Hands free masturbation needs either some ingenuity or a good automatic masturbation machine (such as the Autoblow).  Probably most guys still aren’t aware of how good hands free masturbation is.  Others, like myself and most of you readers, know that once you go hands free, you NEVER want to go back to the old fashioned knuckle shuffle.

But just why does hands free masturbation feel so good?

I believe the answer can be found in basic psychology.  Simply put, hands free masturbation feels more like the real thing.  When you are tugging away at your own dick, you cannot avoid being aware that it is YOURSELF who is doing the pleasuring.  Penises may have a reputation for stupidity, but they are not that daft.  When they have their owner’s own hand wrapped around them, they are not so daft as to really be able to imagine that it is some tight pussy or a hot chick giving a handjob.

Only hands free masturbation can create the perfect illusion that it is somebody else giving you sexual pleasure.  Have the Autoblow sucking away at your cock, close your eyes, and it really could be your fantasy girl that is going down on you.

Another good way to enjoy hands free masturbation and to really create the illusion of being sucked or masturbated by somebody else, is to watch some good quality POV porn at the same time.  POV means that the porn is filmed from the point-of-view of the guy being sucked or fucked.  My favourite masturbation experience is to have the Autoblow blast or the Tenga Flip Hole blowing me while I watch some hot bitch sucking a dick whilst looking at me right out of the screen.  At its best, hands free masturbation IS virtual sex.

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